A beacon for Georgia and Alabama.

Lighting Technologies is a full-service lighting management company. We self-perform service for commercial customers in Georgia and Alabama. As members of the PLASMA network, we serve commercial customers across the United States and Canada. We pride ourselves on quick response time, knowledgeable and courteous technicians, and our ability to solve most every lighting issue. Over 90% of our business is with customers that we have served for years..

We repair, maintain, manage and install exterior lights, interior lights, lighting controls, and lighted signs. From the circuit breaker to the lamp, we can take care of it. This includes detecting and repairing underground faults as well as replacing damaged pole bases. We can reach up to 90 feet in height with our own equipment and higher with rented equipment. We offer both on-call and planned lighting maintenance programs to meet any budget or need.

We design and install energy efficient lighting upgrades and retrofits, and can help you reduce your investment costs by taking advantage of the Federal Extension of Energy-Efficient Buildings Deduction (26 USC Sec. 179D), the Georgia Clean Energy Property Tax Credit, and utility rebate programs. We can assist you in obtaining lease financing so that you can have the work done with no up-front expense. Most often, the energy savings exceed the lease payments so our customer’s put money in their pocket from day 1.

We sell, install, and service animated LED signs.

We gladly accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.