We understand second best is a turn-off.


Knowing that each location has close to 1000 feet of red neon, we thought there was an opportunity to save the customer a lot of money by replacing the neon with LED. Upon running the numbers, we estimated the LED would use 87% less electricity, resulting in a savings of tens of thousands of dollars over the 10 year design life of the LED. Furthermore, we estimated the ten year savings from avoided neon repairs to be even greater than the energy savings. We scheduled a meeting with the customer and presented an unsolicited proposal to save them an enormous amount of money over ten years with a 3 year payback. When we pointed out that they could use the neon and transformers from this location to make repairs at other locations, the payback dropped below one year. The customer was delighted with the idea and immediately began procuring the capital budget to convert several locations as a test. In 2007 we retrofitted 8 locations and the customer couldn’t be happier.