We're the best choice. Period.


Safety.Safety is our number one priority. All of our technicians are furnished with safety harnesses and lanyards, safety glasses, hot gloves, and helmets. Our man baskets have been inspected to insure compliance with OSHA regulations. All technicians must wear safety harnesses and be lanyarded to the basket any time they are in the basket.

Box Vans. Our box vans have been custom designed to carry all of the inventory and equipment necessary to service lights and lighted signs up to 40 feet high. We rarely have to make a second trip back to a job site due to a lack of materials. This means we get your lights burning sooner and at a lower cost.

Bucket Trucks. For taller jobs, like highway signs and airport parking pole lights, we own an Omnivan with a 48' reach, an Elliott bucket truck with a 60 foot reach and another with an 85 foot reach. Both Elliotts double as cranes capable of lifting up to 6000 lbs. Few of our competitors can do service at these heights. We know, because they call us to do this work for them.

Cranes. Beyond 85 feet, we rent the appropriate crane for the job. We have a long-standing relationship with a local crane company, insuring that we can take care of the tallest jobs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Bobcat. We own a Bobcat B300, giving us the capability to auger or dig holes for concrete bases, trench for conduit, and demolish old concrete bases.

Welding Equipment. We own a portable Lincoln Welding unit that can be operated from either of our Elliott bucket trucks. This gives us the capability to repair poles and other steel fabrications on site.

Line Locator. We use a Magnatec line locator to find buried junction boxes and underground breaks in wiring.