Save your energy. We have the know-how.


There are many reasons why your business should consider upgrading its lighting. But the benefits are even greater when partnering with Lighting Technologies.

  • Attract more customers by displaying your property in the best light
    • Brighter light attracts more customers
    • High color rendering makes your property look as good at night as in the day
  • Reduce your operating costs
    • Our customized solutions allow you to choose the best balance between brightness and cost
    • Lower energy costs when fixtures are burning
    • Further reduce energy costs by dimming or turning off fixtures when no one is there
    • Eliminate repair costs for up to 10 years
  • Minimize your investment
    • Georgia Power rebates
      • We are a Georgia Power Trade Ally
      • We handle all the paperwork, you get the check!
    • Lease financing options available
  • Protect your investment
    • We offer high quality fixtures from manufacturers that have been in the business for over a decade
      • If it doesn’t last, it isn’t a bargain
      • If the company doesn’t have longevity, they may not be around to support their warranty
    • Installed by a company that has been installing and servicing lighting for a decade
      • We service what we install so if there is an issue we will be here to take care of it
      • We offer a labor warranty that lasts as long as the fixture warranty so your maintenance costs will truly be zero for the warranty period
      • We stock warranty parts so we can get your fixtures burning again in record time

Call us now for a free energy audit – a $300 value!